Off the Paved Road I was going to grow up
to become a Cowboy

June 28, 2002

... I cannot help but be very appreciative of all my time spent in the saddle or on the seat of a tractor which has given me a different perspective than anyone else I know in the business" ...

James the Mountain Man at Rendezvous

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How Life can take its detours

As I sit down tonight in this quiet little house to write yet another chapter to "off the paved road", I am reminded of how much my life has changed in the past 7 years. I never once thought I would be sitting in front of a computer typing stories to the world, and it was even more far fetched to think I would be doing anything with my life that involved a computer at all. I was going to grow up and become a cowboy. You know, one of that Sam Elliot kind with the big moustache and the red scarf around my neck. I was going to be a full time horse trainer and cowpuncher with the best cow dogs in the country and look at me now. I ride mules in the mountains when I get a chance, our old cow dog is getting fat and the only thing I have really punched in the last 3 years are the keys on this old keyboard. How life can take its detours.

When I look at my occupation as a Realtor and think of all the people I have been able to share this great country with, I cannot help but be very appreciative of all my time spent in the saddle or on the seat of a tractor which has given me a different perspective than anyone else I know in the business. These memories have instilled a deep appreciation for this country and a different angle from which to view it from. I can still remember the times when dad and I would stop for a sandwich in the hay field and stare up at the Limestone Ledges at New Fork Lake 20 miles away and plan out our hunting trip for the fall. I also recall the mornings I would skip school just to help move the cows out to the BLM allotment on the 15th of May come rain or shine. From just about anywhere along the trail I would be able to spot the school buses coming to town from different directions and be glad I was not on any of them. I cannot remember a single time that I spent playing baseball with dad or riding bikes with the family, but the things I do remember doing all involved the ranch. As I look back on it now, my "play" was dad's "work", and I did not even realize it. What a great way to raise a family. It was as if dad made his work fun enough to accommodate me and keep my interest so that he could spend time with me yet productive enough to get things done that needed done. It is an interesting concept that most of the ranchers have, and to this very day I see myself doing the same thing. In fact, Clancy thinks irrigating is better than any water park we could ever take him to and I guarantee he gets just as wet.

I will try and write more next time, but I did want to extend to all the invitation to come to Pinedale the second weekend in July to enjoy the Green River Rendezvous. This year is possibly the last year to see the full Rendezvous pageant which is a reenactment of the Indian and Mountain man gathering that took place here in the valley during the fur and whiskey trading era. This is a great time to enjoy the area's history and go back in time when there was no such thing as off the paved road because there were NO paved roads.

See ya in July…….


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