Off the Paved Road The Dead of Winter
March 2, 2003

"There were 9 guys and plenty of POWDER..."

9 guys and lots of powder!
Powder Bowl!

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The Dead of Winter

Winter fun!I am not sure you could really call this a winter this year, but I guess since we don't have green grass and there is some snow on the ground, we will fall into our usual winter routine. There is not too much that goes on in the real estate business in general through the holiday season and during the dreary winter months, but this year has proven to be out of the ordinary. I suppose the January thaw has caused some folks to think that it is March already or that they thought the rain we received this past month were April showers. But, none the less, we have seen an extreme amount of activity in at the office this winter and have kept very busy. I have had the opportunity to do a little off the paved road entertainment and feel very fortunate to live where these moments are only in my backyard so enjoy.

Every morning since the middle of January we have been feeding the cows and the mules. This is extremely odd for this country since we are usually feeding by the middle of December. I started out with just feeding with a four wheeler but now have finally went to feeding with the team of mules now that we have some snow and I very much enjoy the peacefulness of feeding in this fashion. Clancy has been a big help this year as he is getting to the age of benefit rather than hindrance. This benefit does have a Snowmobiling!price that we pay and that price is usually TIME. Feeding usually takes twice as long when he is around, but I wouldn't trade this time with my son for anything. To see him around the animals and share this time with him is priceless but sometimes it is not painless. In fact, a couple of days ago, we had our first incidence of why we should not put our lips up to cold metal. While I was off shutting a gate he had been moving some bales around trying to make a fort on the sleigh for him and Windy (the dog). I guess the hay hook came loose and you guessed it, it stuck to his lip. When I made it to the rescue he had started to scream and yep, you guessed it, now it was stuck to his tongue. We were ¾ of a mile from any water and so I tried to use my T-shirt to warm it up but he finally panicked when he saw some blood and pulled his head away leaving a fair amount of his lip and tongue stuck to the hay hook. It took a few minutes to get things back under control and the bleeding to stop but we managed with a little snow and the help of Windy. Although this was a traumatic experience that most of us can relate to, we are both very happy that his lip is healing and that his mother still allows the two of us to go out to the ranch together.

Stuck!Another enjoyable event that we share in the Dead of winter is snowmobiling. Just this past week we were able to take a trip up to the "powder bowl". What a great time. There were 9 guys and plenty of POWDER. We traveled from the Aspen Ridge property which is just minutes from the forest boundary and within a few miles we were climbing mountains and getting stuck. Sandy Sletten, who is a professional hill climber, showed us what he does for a living with some impressive climbs along with a great attempt at the mountain they call "fly paper". He ended the climb within 5 feet of the top and it was only his good sense that kept him from trying to turn out of the corneas at the top of the slope. When he did reach the top he just buried the sled in the drift rather than trying to turn back down or he would have rolled his sled for sure since it is so steep. A few of us worked our way up the back side of the mountain and threw a rope down and hooked it to his ski so we could pull him on over the top. Mike Irwin showed us all how to bury a sled before the day was over and it took nearly all of us to get him back out of his mess. In fact, if we would not have had all the help there is a good chance we would still be up there trying or else have left the sled until spring. Check out the pictures.

Shanna, Junior MusherAll these winter activities are great, but I can't help but mention the dog sled races that take place every winter around the area. Our friends, the Corwin's, had their first taste of dog sledding when their daughter, Shanna, was selected to be a Junior Musher in this year's race up at Teton Village. What an experience for an 11 year old girl. It was rather impressive to see all of these young kids riding in their two Shanna mile race with dogs that they had only been around for a few hours. Shanna did great, and I am sure it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to all of you who continue to check out the site. I am putting together our story of this past summer's trip to the top of Fremont, so please keep checking back. Like always enjoy the site and I hope to meet you all someday "off the paved road…."


Please feel free to e-mail me or give me a call if you or anyone you know might be interested in opportunities here in Pinedale or just wanting to spend some time in the area. I am happy to make myself available to show you around our little town and probably even a little bit of off the paved road.

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